Precarious Residence

The new social figure of the Sans-Papiers emerges mainly at the scattered intersections of the economic regime of neo-liberal globalization and the juridical-political regime of the nation state, there, where the new rejections and inclusions of the one, cross the inclusion-exclusion mechanisms of the other. Whereas current movements of migration are highly motivated by the effects of the globalization-induced destruction of traditional economies as well as the austerity policies imposed by international institutions in the countries of origin, in the classic industrial states we are experiencing huge numbers of migrants being pushed into precarious legal situations and socially declassed as well as the emergence of new forms of exploitation, particularly in out-sourcing, the agricultural sector, as well as in the low-wage area of the service sector.

Translated by Lisa Rosenblatt

Izvor: | transversal - eipcp multilingual webjournal ISSN 1811 – 1696